Former heptathlon champion to sue police


Former heptathlon world champion Eunice Barber intends to sue several police officers for brutality after she was held for questioning in Paris last week.

Barber was driving her car near the Stade de France when police forced her to stop. The French athlete's mother and nephew were also in the car.

"They put me in the police van. There, two women stepped on my hands and on my head. They told me: 'do you believe you could behave like this in Africa'?"

"They told me 'you are lucky that there are people looking otherwise we would have done much worse. When you get out of here you'll need crutches'."

Barber burst into tears as she told her story at a press conference at the office of her Parisian lawyer, Emmanuel Daoud.

Daoud said he was going to contact the district attorney and would use all the means at his disposal to make sure an investigation was opened.

Barber, wearing a neck brace, said she still felt shocked.

On Friday, French sports daily L'Equipe published a picture taken by an anonymous local resident showing four policemen kneeling to keep Barber on the ground while four others watched the scene.




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